What Does Bail Mean?

When someone is arrested, the police may either issue a summons to come to court or arrest the alleged criminal. Once the person is in... Read more

How Is Bail Amount Determined?

When it comes to the subject of bail, there are plenty of bald-faced lies, myths, and half-truths. If you were to ask half a dozen... Read more

Bail Bonds that Don't Require Money

Good people get arrested every day. It’s certainly not on anyone’s to-do list, it’s an awful experience, but it happens. No matter the specifics of... Read more

What Is a Property Bond?

  Going to jail is a scary experience, especially when you can be stuck in jail if you can’t provide a considerable sum of cash... Read more

Types of Bail Bond Collateral

  When you get a bail bond, you usually put up a percentage of the bail. For instance, a $10,000 bail might require a $1,000... Read more
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