About A Right Choice Bail Bonds

A Right Choice Bail Bonds was formed with the intention of better helping the community. We fully understand that mistakes can, and often do, happen. When you or a loved one makes a mistake, they do not deserve to lose their freedom and sit in a jail cell. They deserve a second chance. At A Right Choice Bail Bonds, we have worked with families in need since day one, and we intend to keep at it for the foreseeable future!

About Kim Golightly

Born and raised in the Lake Charles/Moss Bluff Louisiana area, Kim Golighty has been providing bail bonds in the city and surrounding area for several years now. Those who have chosen to work with Ms. Golighty to bond their friends and loved ones out have stated how appreciative they were for her ability and patience. She takes the time necessary to explain the bonding process in full because that’s the level of care you deserve. Kim is proud to define her work ethic and morale as honest, reliable, flexible, and dependable.

As a mother, Kim can relate to tough situations and always tries to offer help, whether as an ear or a vessel. She prides herself on her honesty, ability, and sensitivity to every situation. In a world where trust and honesty are hard to find, let Kim have the opportunity to show you it still exists. Make A Right Choice Bail Bonds your Choice!

For any information on bail bonds or getting ensuring a quick jail release, please call (337) 429-2996!

Licensed Lake Charles Bond Agents You Can Trust

With just one phone call, you’ll find yourself connected to a licensed, fast, on-the-go bond agent who has experience with today’s complex legal systems and facilities. Typically, from the moment you call, we can secure the release of you or your loved one within a matter of hours. That is service you can rely on. Of course, the time to release depends mostly on the facility in which the defendant is being held. Processing can take some time to complete, but we’ll be ready with the correct paperwork to help speed up the process.

Qualified Bail Bondsmen

The world of bail bonds is complex. Thankfully, we can help with any situation. Whether you need nationwide bail bonds, appearance bonds, surety bonds, or appeal bonds, our bondsmen have the experience and qualifications. If it involves a bond, our agents know how to handle it.

At A Right Choice Bail Bonds, we are particular about the bondsmen we hire. We look for experience, knowledge, and a commitment to helping individuals in their time of need. Everyone deserves a chance, and our agents are the key to secure yours!

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