How Bail Works

When you are arrested for a serious crime, authorities will not allow your release from custody unless they are sure you will appear in court for your hearings and trial. If you demonstrate that you are unlikely to run from the area, or that you have substantial ties to the community, then you are more likely to receive bail. If you cannot afford to pay bail, you may typically secure a bond from a reputable agency, such as A Right Choice Bail Bonds.

How is bail determined?

There are a few factors that determine bail amounts, including:

  • Bail Schedules
  • Danger to Society
  • Seriousness of the Crime
  • Previous Criminal Record
  • Probability of Appearing in Court

Posting and Paying for Bail

Your bail can be paid in a few ways:

  • Cash bond or check for the full amount
  • Property bond worth the total amount
  • A surety bond, which guarantees payment of the bail

What happens after posting bail?

If you are released on bond or bail, you will be notified of the date, time, and designated courtroom in which you are required to appear. Do not assume the court will contact you, however. It is your responsibility to meet the court’s requirements.

Getting Released from Jail

If you are in jail and have secured a bond, processing must be completed before release is allowed. Processing typically includes fingerprinting, photographs, and outstanding warrant checks. This process can take a few hours to complete. Once finished, our agents can secure a timely release.

Released from Jail Without Bail

Being released from jail without bail is known as “released on personal recognizance.” The court may allow “own recognizance” release based on a few conditions:

  • You must stay in the area
  • You must maintain or seek employment
  • You must undergo drug/alcohol testing
  • You must comply with check-ins
  • You must refrain from owning a firearm
  • You must not commit any crimes

What Happens After You Are Free on Bond?

Once you are free on bond, you’ll need to appear in court on the required date. If you miss the scheduled courtroom appearance, a warrant for your arrest will be released to local law enforcement. Further charges may be added to your current charges.

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