What You Can and Can’t Do While Out on BailAre you planning to bail someone out of jail? If you’re cosigning for a bail bond, you’re taking on some serious responsibility for the defendant’s conduct while he or she is out on bail. Since you’ll be held financially liable if the defendant violates their bail agreement, you should have a solid understanding of what is and isn’t considered acceptable conduct.

Read on to learn what a defendant can and cannot do while he or she is out on bail. 

What the Defendant May Do While Out on Bail

When a person is out on bail, they can live their life normally, provided they adhere to all of the terms of their bail agreement. The defendant can:

  • Travel in the local area. Generally, a defendant who’s out on bail can travel locally. However, he or she may need to inform the court if they plan to leave the county in which they live. If the court did not impose any restrictions on out-of-state travel, the defendant should be able to cross state lines as well. If you’re unsure what’s considered acceptable travel, it’s in your best interest to check in with the court to ensure the defendant doesn’t inadvertently violate bail. 

  • Obtain and maintain employment. If the defendant was employed prior to his or her arrest, it’s fine for the individual to return to work if the employer will allow it. If the defendant was unemployed or lost their work position due to the arrest, he or she should attempt to obtain and maintain employment while out on bail. This signifies to the court that the defendant is a productive member of society. 

  • Pursue personal (and legal) interests and hobbies. Provided the defendant’s personal hobbies or interests are legal and do not present a threat, either personally or to other individuals, he or she may pursue their normal activities.  

Things the Defendant May Not Do While Out on Bail

Bail is a conditional agreement and requires the defendant to comply with certain court-issued restrictions. If the defendant violates any of their bail terms, he or she can be sent back to jail. In such an instance, if you cosigned the bail agreement, you’ll be held financially liable for the full amount of the individual’s bail. 

That’s why it’s in your best interest to ensure your friend or loved one does not engage in any of the following unacceptable actions while out on bail:

  • Using drugs or consuming alcohol. It’s in the defendant’s best interest to abstain from drug or alcohol use while out on bail. Substance use can prompt questionable decision making, and it’s also common for courts to conduct random drug testing on individuals who are out on bail. 

  • Possessing weapons. If the conditions of the defendant’s bail stipulate he or she cannot have a gun or other weapons, it’s in your best interest to keep such items off their property. Most attorneys strongly advise against possessing firearms while out on bail. 

  • Missing court appearances. When a defendant misses even a single court appearance, that is considered a violation of bail. The individual will be sent back to jail and will likely have to remain there until the conclusion of the case. 

  • Remaining out past curfew. It’s common for judges to impose curfews on defendants who are out on bail. If a curfew is part of the individual’s bail agreement, he or she should not stay out past the court’s designated hour. If they get caught doing so, that is a violation of bail. 

  • Violating the law. When someone is out on bail, they cannot commit any type of crime! No criminal offenses, no civil offenses — nothing. Otherwise, they could have a new case on their hands and may be sent back to jail. 

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