What Does Bail Mean?When someone is arrested, the police may either issue a summons to come to court or arrest the alleged criminal. Once the person is in jail, that person usually has to speak with a judge before being allowed to leave. The judge may decide to release the person with a promise to come back, or on their own recognizance. Often, though, the judge will set bail to help ensure the accused will return for the court hearings. Bail is simply a way to ensure that the accused will come back so the case can eventually be resolved.

Different Kinds of Bail Bonds

There are actually several different kinds of bail bonds:

  • Release on your own recognizance, or promise to appear. If you fail to appear after being released on your own recognizance, the judge will no longer trust your word and will need additional reassurance.
  • Cash bonds. If you pay a cash bond and fail to appear after, you will lose the money you paid, and the funds will be diverted elsewhere. After that, you may have to pay a surety bond, or you may be held until your trial.
  • Property bonds. Be careful using a property bond because you could lose your home if you put it up with a promise to appear and then miss a court hearing.
  • Surety bonds. You can pay a bail bondsman a percentage of the set amount, and the bail bondsman then assumes part of the responsibility for making sure you come back.

What Happens If You Miss a Court Hearing and You Are Out on Bond?

There has been some attempt to reform bail standards in recent years so that many charges no longer require the defendant to pay a bond. Even if the judge releases you on your own recognizance, the court will take it very seriously if you miss. In those cases, the court will often either hold you in jail until your trial or make you pay a surety bond to get out.

When you pay a surety bond to a bondsman, you are getting a partner who will help ensure that you make it back to court. With a surety bond, you actually pay only 10% of the total bond to the bail company, and the bonds company guarantees the rest. So for instance if your bond is $50,000, you will pay your bondsman $5,000. The bond company borrows the rest of the money from a surety company.

With a surety bond, you share the risk with the bond company and the surety company. They will do what they can to make sure you make it to your next court hearing.

How Long Does a Criminal Case Take?

There is no way to say for sure how long any case will take to finish. If you spend the time awaiting trial in jail, you will not have time to prepare your case.

If you want to speak to witnesses or look at the evidence against you, your attorney would need to bring it into the secure facility. It goes without saying that while you are incarcerated, you cannot be at home with your loved ones or go to work. Getting out of jail should be your first priority.

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