How to Post Bail

No one likes to think about being arrested. We also prefer not to think about our loved ones being arrested. It’s why so many people are caught completely off guard by the bail process. It’s not too complicated, but it’s important that you know the basics. When someone is arrested, the court sets a bail amount. Until that bail is paid, that person remains in jail. If the bail is paid, then the person is released, and the funds will be refunded as long as the defendant makes their court appearance (minus legal fees). The problem is that bails can get prohibitively expensive. If you’re ever faced with bail, you’ll want to know how this process works.

Cash Bail

This is the simpler process. If you can post bail with your own cash, you simply contact the jail holding the person you want to bail out. They’ll tell you where to make the payment. You make the payment, and the person in jail gets released. It’s a simple process, but the details are important.

When you post bail for someone, you become personally liable for making sure they make their court appearance. If they miss their court date, you lose the bail you posted. You’ll also likely face additional fines, and even harsher penalties can apply in extreme situations.

Getting a Bail Bond

If you post bail with the aid of a bond, there are essentially four steps to the process. Each one is easy enough, but you won’t progress without going through each step. You can’t skip to the end, so make sure you understand what each of these steps entails. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when dealing with bail. It’s always good to talk to a bail bond agency to get a little direction.

Get the Basics

You start by acquiring basic information. You need to know which jail is holding the person you’re trying to release. You also need to know how long they have been in jail. In addition, you need to be able to provide their basic identification information. This will all be necessary for the bondsman to make arrangements.

Talk to the Bondsman

When you have the key information, you can talk to your bondsman. You’ll need to explain your relationship to the person in jail. The bondsman will walk you through some formal steps at this point. They’ll need your contact info, financial information, and a means to verify your credibility for carrying out the terms of the bond. 

This is the step where you cosign the bond. If the defendant misses court, someone has to be held liable. In the state of Louisiana, the bondsman will be legally culpable, but they are granted certain legal rights to pursue recourse directly from you. It’s best to think of it as both of you being liable for ensuring all court appearances are made.

Secure Funds

Now that the paperwork is done, you have to secure funds for paying the bond. In most cases, the bondsman will pay the full bail, and you will pay a fee based on the bail total. When the defendant shows up in court, the bondsman is reimbursed for the amount of bail. Their profit comes from the fees they charge you.

Pay the Bail

Once finances are arranged, the jail needs to be paid. At that point, the defendant will be released.

When you need help paying bail for yourself or a loved one, contact A Right Choice Bail Bonds. You can get fast services that are available 24/7. There’s no need to leave someone waiting in jail. Help can get them out, and that means you can carry on while you go through the legal proceedings.

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